Gluten free in Edinburgh – Falko: Konditormeiser

Wow, I haven’t written on here in a long time! I’ve had a busy summer so I have a huge back-log of gluten free adventures to write about. I have millions (not literally) of food photos saved from different outings, now I just need to get organised and write all about them!

So I have moved from Glasgow now (boooo) and into Edinburgh, I finished my two years at college and have now progressed into 3rd year at Edinburgh Napier University. Being in a new city means finding new fantastic places to eat fantastic food!

The first place I’ve been to for some gluten free treats is a German bakery called Falko: Konditormeiser in Brunstfield. My mum came down to Edinburgh and I am staying in the Bruntsfield area, so we decided to have a wander around and see where we could go for lunch. Bruntsfield is full of lovely little cafe’s and shops, but this German bakery caught our eye.

Once inside the cafe, there is a wonderful display of freshly baked varieties of bread and amazing looking cakes, each of which had a small label highlighting which common allergens each contained – eggs, dairy, nuts, wheat and gluten. I ordered the sweet potato and chilli soup which was lovely – super spicy, but lovely. Even though I had made sure it was gluten free before ordering and asked if they had any gluten free bread to go with it (which they didn’t), the soup was served to me with two slices of ‘regular’ bread. I guess they were just serving me what they would regularly serve and didn’t want me to be missing out, but for the fact that I’d stated that I couldn’t have gluten I thought it was a bit silly.

The soup was reaaally filling so I probably shouldn’t have had anything else, but I couldn’t resist having a slice of the gluten free rich looking chocolate cake. It was made with ground almonds instead of flour and was pretty heavy – not in a bad way though – it was just quite different, I had never really experienced German baking before! The cake was lovely and I will definitely be trying more of their gluten free baking! My mum had an amazing looking cake as you can see in the picture, but sadly I couldn’t try it as it wasn’t gluten free!

Here is a link to their website.


Gluten free in the Higlands of Scotland – Archiestown Hotel

Recently, my family from America came over to Scotland for a visit. They are very into their whisky, so for a lot of their trip they were staying in Speyside which is famous for their whisky, and it is also where I am from. We went for a couple of really nice meals with them – one at The Mash Tun in Aberlour, and one at the Archiestown Hotel which is in a village called Archiestown – they are both about an hours drive away from Inverness and about 45 minutes from Aviemore. 

The meal we had at the Archiestown Hotel was at lunch time – the meal I ended up having would have definitely done me for supper, but I managed to finish it anyway! I panicked a bit when I saw the menu, as there were only about five starter options and four main meals – most of which were bread or pasta based. I asked the proprietor about a dish on the menu which – if I’m honest – was the only one of the main meals I thought I would enjoy anyway – it was venison and beef meatballs with mashed potato, red onion gravy, served with parsnip chips. She said that the chef would be able to adapt it to make it gluten free as the gravy would normally be unsuitable but it wouldn’t be a problem to do this. I was so relieved, as there had been one or two things I could have had on the starter menu, but these were either salmon or mushroom centered and I hate both, so I would have hated to look so fussy and have to say there was nothing I could either have or wanted!

When my meal came, it looked really nice, however there was no sign of these parsnip chips that had been mentioned on the menu – that’s actually the bit I was most excited about – and I thought they may have left them off my plate if they weren’t gluten free, however my uncle who had ordered the same dish didn’t get any either. I guess they had just ran out and not thought to tell us when we ordered which was a shame. However, everything that was on my plate was lovely. Usually I find venison a bit strong, but the meatballs were great and the gravy tasted fantastic. The vegetables it came with were basic (only broccoli) but for lunch time, I couldn’t have eaten any more anyway!


If any gluten-free’s are up this way, and wanting somewhere very nice for a meal, I would recommend this place, as although there wasn’t much initially on the menu for non-gluten eaters, it appeared that they were totally accommodating and that the chef could whip something up with short notice. 

Here’s a link to their website.