Gluten free in Glasgow – Firebird

My boyfriend says I should re-name my blog to‘gluten free pizza diaries’, because it seems that every time I’m writing about food I’ve had in Glasgow, it’s pizza. What can I say? I love pizza.


Last weekend we went out for supper at Firebird restaurant on Argyle Street before going to see World War Z in the cinema. I knew they did gluten free pasta and pizza and had wanted to go there for ages, and seeing as I am leaving Glasgow and moving to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks’ time, I thought it was about time I actually went to eat there before it was too late! What can I say? WHY hadn’t I been there before!?


We had booked in advance as it was a Friday, and good job we did – it was pretty busy and there were people waiting for a table sitting in the little outside seating bit (for once it has been reasonable weather in Scotland so I guess people were also making the most of that.) I ordered a gluten free – or as it’s called on the menu ‘W.O.W – without wheat – margherita pizza. It was fantastic. One of the best, if not THE best gluten free pizza I’ve had. The base was really thin, but not horribly crispily cardboardy and burnt like they can be. It was the most Italian gluten free pizza I’d say I’ve had as it was thinner and less doughy than others. It was as if all the other gluten free pizzas I’d had were good because they were a substitute to something I could no longer eat, but I feel Firebird really have made an effort to make their pizzas awesome, and not just ‘it’s good for being gluten free’.


It wasn’t expensive either – £9.00 for my pizza. I would highly recommend anyone who wants gluten free pizza (and probably ‘regular’ pizza also as my boyfriend said his was great too) to go to Firebird. Next time I go I’ll have to try a pasta dish just for the sake of going somewhere and NOT ordering pizza! Oh, and the movie was pretty good too. 

Here is a link to their website.



Gluten Free in Glasgow – Cottonrake Bakery

One of the nicest places I’ve found so far in Glasgow for gluten free cakes is the Cottonrake Bakery, on Hyndland Street in the West End. Their selection of ordinary cakes looks wonderful and all cakes are beautifully presented. When I have been, they’ve had a selection of three or four gluten free options, including brownies, cheesecake and crème brulee. I have tried the brownies and cheesecake – they were both lovely!

I would advise you to get there early as it is popular so when the cakes are gone, they’re gone!


Gluten free cheesecake recipe

This cheesecake recipe is basically a ‘normal’ cheesecake with a gluten free base, but it’s delicious!

You can basically use whatever gluten free biscuits for the base but here’s what I use:

For the base:
roughly 200g gluten free biscuits – I use Tesco digestives for a plain base, or Tesco tripple chocolate chip cookies for a chocolate base
75g butter
1 tablespoon of golden syrup

For the topping:
300g (1 large tub) of Philadelphia
300g of double cream
2 tablespoons of icing sugar
small amount of zest from 1 lemon (this makes the cake taste very fresh)
one vanilla pod, or some vanilla essence
1 tablespoon of golden syrup

Sometimes I add the zest of a whole lemon to make it a lovely lemon cheesecake and add raspberries on top, or if I’m making a chocolate based cake, I will sieve chocolate powder over the top.

Melt the butter in a bowl over simmering water with the golden syrup, whilst this is melting, crush the biscuits in a bag with a rolling pin until crumbs. Add the crushed biscuits to the butter mixture when melted and press into a 9 inch (roughly) loose bottomed or spring form cake tin. Put this in the fridge to get cool.

Put the Philadelphia in a large bowl, add the golden syrup, icing sugar, vanilla and lemon zest and stir to loosen the cream cheese. In another bowl whisk the double cream until about the same consistency as the cream cheese (not whipped totally). Add the cream to the Philadelphia and very briefly whisk  to combine. Put this mixture in the cake tin over the biscuit base, cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge for about 3 – 4 hours to set. Alternatively you can put the cake in the freezer for a short period of time (about 30 minutes) although the cake may still be a bit too wobbly when cut into.

Once removed, add raspberries/chocolate sprinkles/hundreds and thousands/glitter/or what ever else you can possibly think of that you might want to put on top!

Enjoy! 🙂



I have started this blog as a journal of my experiences of living a gluten free lifestyle. I want to explore the options available to coeliac disease sufferers, wheat allergy sufferers and people embracing a gluten free lifestyle for health reasons. 

I live in the West End of Glasgow so I am also interested in what is being sold in this area specifically and also other local areas. 

As a marketing student, it interests me how the use of social media and the internet can help create awareness of new products, but I would also like to look into how social media could be used more specifically to inform people of the gluten free products available locally.