Gluten Free in Edinburgh – Tupiniquim’s crepes!

Since I moved to Edinburgh this summer, every time I’ve passed the ‘Brazil Crepe’s’ stall (it’s actually an old police box) just going into the Meadows, I’ve thought I needed to go there. I just never got around to it until last week. On the awning above the ‘box’, it says ‘gluten free’, so this was a pretty obvious choice for me!


I wish, wish, wish I had known about this place on the few occasions I was around during the Edinburgh Festival, with the weather being so fantastic this summer and all the things that are happening around the streets at the time, I bet the atmosphere would have been cool! If you go onto their website and go to the pictures section, there are a few which make it look like they had their own little festival going on!

So I went to this place last week – and after getting home and looking it up online by just typing in ‘Brazil Crepes Edinburgh’ to Google (cause that’s what their sign says), I found out it’s actually called Tupiniquim. (Which actually is a name for some indigenous people of Brazil, don’t you know).


I got chatting to the owner and asked him about why he decided to make ALL of the crepes they make, gluten free. He explained that his son had a lactose intolerance, which led to a gluten intolerance, and in light of this, he began cooking gluten free. When he opened the crepe stall, he said having a batch of each gluten free and regular batter could cause cross-contamination, so decided to go totally gluten free. To which I am very glad, as I’m sure lots of other people are!

I ordered a chicken curry piri-piri crepe, and I was asked whether I needed it dairy free too – I found out they can also make them with soya milk or almond milk batter – they’ve thought of everything! So I got my crepe – chicken in a spicy sauce with tomatoes and peppers, spinach, cheese, and jalapeños – it was supposed to have avocados in it, but I’m not a fan of those.


It was super good. I wouldn’t normally have a savoury pancake – I’m 100% a lemon and sugar girl, but this was good. The crepe was as good (better) than I usually make at home, and the filling was really tasty. It cost about £4.50 – very reasonable when you consider what a hot sandwich could cost, especially when there was pretty much a large meal inside it!


I went back again this week and got myself a lemon and sugar one. I took my friend with me (who doesn’t follow a gluten free diet), and she agreed the crepes were great! It makes me happy when a friend can eat something which is gluten free, and genuinely say it’s fantastic and they’d go again, even though they could easily go out and get/make themselves a glutened-up version.

Here’s a link to their website. 


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