Highlands of Scotland!


I’ve been staying at home for the last week whilst on my Easter holiday from college. It’s really nice to come back from Glasgow back up to the Highlands to see my family and of course there are a few nice places to look at up here! When I was younger I used to hate living here in such a small place, but having the choice to live in a city or back up here makes me appreciate it more and actually enjoy the quiet and scenery.

I’m from a little town called Grantown-On-Spey but usually I just tell people I meet in Glasgow or other places further south, that I’m from Aviemore as it is recognised more because of the Cairngorms skiing resort and it’s pretty frustrating trying to explain to people where a place is if they have no idea that this area even exists! I thought that while I was here I’d have a chance to get all my college work done but in reality all I’ve done is gone on mini adventures with my mum and sister and eaten my body weight in food (which isn’t great because I’m supposed to be on a diet for going on holiday in two months)!


I only became diagnosed as being allergic to wheat when I was 17 and I had moved to Glasgow by then to start college so I actually never got to know where in the Highlands was good for gluten-free food, I just have to look around a bit and have a back-up when I go out to eat now. I do have two places I think are super good though – one is ‘The Potting Shed’ which have two café’s – one in Kingussie and one at Inshriach. This place makes THE most amazing cakes. I mean, actually totally amazing. They even got voted in the top 10 places for tea and cake in Britain by Cosmopolitan Magazine – https://www.facebook.com/questions/508831655840714/. I went there last week and I was half way through eating my cake when I realised I should have taken a picture of it looking all nice. But it was too good to mess around taking photos of it – I had to eat it. Their gluten-free cakes are made with a light almond sponge which works really well and gives a lovely texture and I don’t feel they taste of almonds – I am allergic to all nuts apart from almonds for some odd reason so I’m lucky that I can eat these cakes! They are definitely some of the best cakes I have tried, all made with fresh cream and fruit (probably not good for the diet, oops) and it is great that there are options for anyone eating gluten-free.

The other place that I love and that I know have a lot of gluten-free options is ‘The Mountain Café’ in Aviemore. Any time I’ve been there in the summer we’ve had to queue for a while to get a table (which is annoying but a good sign) and I reckon it’s just because they do lovely fresh tasting food which seems to be incredibly popular. On their menu they say they can do loads of things as a gluten free option – breakfasts, sandwiches and rolls – and have a whole section on their website describing how dedicated they are to keeping their allergy-suitable foods separate and uncontaminated. They always have a huge selection of cakes and I’d say every time I’ve been there, there’s been at least two gluten-free options to choose from. 



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