Apart from eating a lot, I have been visiting some of my favourite places – today we went to Strathconon – a huge valley which is amazing to look at. The place is full of mountains and streams.  A river runs down it which comes into lochs at points. Every time we’ve been there we’ve seen loads of deer (red deer and roe deer) – hundreds of them, and we’ve seen Golden Eagles twice. Today I saw a little lizard too. The journey up to Strathconon takes you through little towns and we decided to take a picnic instead of going out for lunch. I decided to make food before I left as opposed to relying on there being something I could buy from a shop, and I’m glad I did – we stopped in a town called Beauly and went to a lovely deli with loads of home-made cakes and freshly made sandwiches and paninis and the like, but sadly the only gluten free things they had were Mrs Crimbles biscuits in packets – 1. They were macaroons and I’m allergic to coconut and 2. Even if I wasn’t allergic to coconut I wouldn’t want only a biscuit for lunch.


I had bought the new Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse gluten-free baguettes, and decided to try them for the first time. If anyone’s bought them, they’ll probably be shocked at how light (in weight) they are – I was really surprised especially as sometimes you’ll pick up a loaf of gluten-free bread and it feels heavy like a brick – these baguettes felt really hollow! I made myself a cheese and lettuce baguette to take with me and I was really pleasantly surprised, especially as if I’m eating gluten-free bread I’ll usually have it toasted because I think it just improves the texture loads. It tasted good although it was pretty dry – it was on its way out of date because I’d bought the pack at reduced price from Tesco because they cost something like £2.30 originally which I feel is a bit of a joke. I also bought the new Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse wraps which I haven’t tried yet but I hope they’re good too as a packet of three costs around £3.00 too! 


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