Gluten-Free Apple Crumble Recipe!

I love apple crumble so much. It is such a great dessert but I also have it just as a snack sometimes – probably not the most slimming food! Tonight I’ve actually made it just to have for supper, not as a dessert as I couldn’t be bothered to wait for after to eat it! It works quite well with gluten free flour, but I find it doesn’t go as crunchy as ‘normal’ stuff does. I like to put bits of butter in amongst the crumble and over the top as this can help it to get more brown and crunchy.

photo (19)

Some people like to flavour their apples with spice – I’ve seen quite a lot that use cinnamon but I like to use cloves. To me cloves make things taste a bit like Christmas! There are loads of different variations to making apple crumble – ingredients, whether or not you cook the apples first, and how you make the topping. I don’t cook the apples first, especially for a gluten free crumble as it needs to cook for quite a long time to fully bake the topping (as with all gluten free baking, it tends to take longer to brown) so cooking it all for a longer time means the apples will naturally fully cook slowly. I add sugar in with the layers of apples so this creates a lovely syrup, which gets flavoured by the cloves I add.

For me, serving apple crumble with ice cream or pouring cream is a must – I love the cold of the ice cream against the hot apple crumble if it’s just out of the oven!

 photo (18)


2 large cooking apples – (I use Bramleys)
1 tbsp light brown sugar
10 cloves
5oz plain gluten-free flour
3oz caster sugar (1tbsp of this is for the apples, the rest for the crumble)
3oz butter (cold, straight from the fridge)


First, prepare the apple base: peel the apples, and chop them into thin wedges around 2-3mm in thickness. Layer the apples neatly in a large dish around 8×8 inches and 2 inches deep, sprinkling on each of the caster and light brown sugar as you go with each layer, until all the apples are used. Place the cloves evenly on top of the apples.

To make the crumble, weigh the flour and remaining caster sugar and put them into a mixing bowl. Take the butter and cut it up into small chunks and add this into the bowl also. With your hands, rub the butter into the powder mixture – this might feel a little greasy on your hands – keep going until the mixture has the texture of breadcrumbs.

Carefully pour the crumble on top of the apples, making sure no apples are left exposed, as if they are, they’ll burn and become very dry in the oven. Cut small chunks of butter and put them among the crumble, half exposed as this will add colour to the dish.




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