Is anything safe from the gluten monster?!


I just found out that fizzy rainbow laces (called Fizzy Multicolour Belts from Tesco) have gluten and wheat in them. WHY!? This is awful news, not only because I love them, but because I just bought some and ate them without reading the packet. Cue the itching, sore stomach, stingy eyes, blocked nose and cold symptoms.  Having been diagnosed as being allergic to wheat nearly 4 years ago, you’d have thought I’d have learned to vigorously check EVERY packet.  Which I usually do. But not this time. It just shows that even when you think you’re used to living a certain way, and you’re used to knowing which kinds of products to scan the ingredients list of, you can still mess up, especially when there’s the temptation of sweets in your way! It just goes to show – in a world where when people ask me “so what does that mean you can’t eat then?”, when I tell them that I am allergic to wheat, it’s not just the obvious ones such as bread, pasta and cakes, it can include almost anything – even fizzy rainbow sweeties.



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