Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza!

As most coeliac’s will have probably heard, Domino’s now do gluten free pizzas. I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy four years ago so was very happy to find out a few months ago about Domino’s offering gluten free options as I hadn’t had a decent pizza in aaaages! (The frozen ones you get from Tesco, DS, Genius and so on are all good and well but they don’t really compare.) 

If anyone is dubious about the quality of the Domino’s gluten free pizzas – you needn’t be. Yes, the price is very high considering they are only offering the small size for gluten free, but after four years of no decent pizza, it’s a small price to pay for the occasional treat – although hopefully in the future they will be offering medium and large pizzas too as it seems unfair enough that we have to be gluten free, let alone that you get more for your money when ordering a large size.

One thing that bugged a lot of people was that, because the pizzas only come in small, they were excluded from the Two for Tuesdays deal – however after receiving feedback from customers, they have changed the deal to now include these which is a step forward.

(Unless like when I first ordered a gluten free pizza as part of the Two for Tuesdays deal along with a ‘regular’ pizza for my boyfriend, they completely missed the gluten free pizza from the order, saying it wasn’t part of the deal. After a phone call, I got my pizza, plus a voucher for another free one for my inconvenience – thanks for that Domino’s!)



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